Do I need to complete a Self Assessment?

There are many reasons why you may, or may not, need to complete a tax return. We summarized some of the main ones below for you.

If the answer to any of the following questions is "yes" then yes, you will definitely need to complete a tax return for that tax year.

  • Were you a company Director in the tax year?
  • Have you been self employed in the tax year?
  • Is your total income from all sources over £100,000?
  • Is your total income from all sources over £50,000 and you or your partner receive child benefit?

(It doesn't matter if your limited company or business didn't trade or make a profit, a tax return will still be required)

If you answer "yes" to any of the following then you may need to complete a tax return. It's recommend you speak to an accountant about your unique circumstances to see if this is required or not.

  • Do you have any rental properties?
  • Have you received dividends?

Here at younique accountancy we'll make the whole process as quick and easy for you as possible.

Here's what we'll do for you:

  • Register you for self assessment if you aren't already
  • Look at your details to make sure all relevant information is included
  • Accurately calculate any tax liability due and prepare your tax return
  • Send you a copy of your completed return for your information
  • Happily discuss any questions you have on the calculation to ensure you are happy with it
  • Submit it online to HMRC for you
  • Provide clear and simple instructions of what to pay HMRC and how and when, including the relevant reference numbers

Our fees for a tax return start at just £10+VAT per month. If you would like us to complete your tax return then just visit our self assessment page and we'll get started on this for you, or if you have any questions about the process just get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.


What services do you offer?

You can find all the details on our services and prices on our services and pricing page.


Should I change my accountant?

Maybe. If you have any concerns over them then the answer is probably yes. You should be 100% confident in the work your accountant prepares and be happy to contact them with any questions you have. You shouldn't need to chase them up for replies or feel you need to check their work.


How easy is it to change accountant?

Really easy! Just sign up with us and we'll get in touch with your old accountant and handle the whole transfer for you. For more info on changing accountants see here.


How do I appoint you as my accountant?

It couldn't be simpler, just fill out our simple form to get started.


I'm happy with my accountant but I want you to do my bookkeeping, is that possible?

Certainly. You can continue to use your existing accountant and we'll just sort out your records for you. Details of our bookkeeping services can be found on our services and pricing page.


Do you only act for limited companies?

Not at all! We can provide our services for sole traders, partnerships and large organisations too.


Why do you have individual prices for every service?

We believe that you should only pay for the services you want, not the ones you don't. 


What's the £50 referral?

If you refer somebody to us that signs up, we give you £50, simple. Full details and T's and C's and further information can be found on our referals page.


You seem to offer better services, by qualified staff at a cheaper rate than my current accountant, how?

It's simple really, we are an accountancy practice ran by accountants. We are very experienced in our field and know what we are doing so we don't have any "practice managers", "account controllers", "client liaison managers" or other non accountants here. You need accountancy services so you need a firm of accountants.


I notice my existing accountant isn't a qualified accountant, does this matter?

Anybody can call themselves an accountant but only those with years of relevant experience who have passed their institutes' rigerous exams can call themselves a qualified accountant and have letters after their name such as ACA or ACCA. Qualified accountants tend to cost more than those that aren't qualified due to the extensive training they've had. The good news is that at Younique Accountancy you will always be allocated an accountant that is ACA or ACCA qualified. More information on this can be found here.


Do you have a take home pay calculator?

No. A lot of accountants will use these to estimate what you can take home based on what you earn but without exception, every single one we have seen has been misleading or just wrong simply to lure clients in with unrealistic promises of how much money they'll earn. Read an amazing figure somewhere of what you'll take home? Why not get in touch with us and see if we agree? Further details of why take home pay calculators can be bad can be read here.


Am I tied into any contract with you or do you have any exit fees?

Not at all. We have an agreement form we ask cients to complete when you sign up but this is not a contract, you can leave any time you like. We don't have any exit fees either. We can do these by relying on our excellent service to keep you as a client in the first place, not by profiting by clients leaving us.


Are your prices negotiable?

We offer very competive prices for our services and unlike other fixed fee services you only pay for the services you want. By not having negotiated fees you can be sure that you're always getting the best deal.


Do you offer meetings?

Yes we do. Unlike a lot of accountants we don't just hide in our offices. We offer virtual meetings via Skype and video calls for maximum convenience for you. Call us now to organise your free, no obligation meeting on 0808 2626 888 or via email at: hello@youniqueaccountancy.co.uk.


I notice other firms mention the awards they have won and you don't, does that mean they are better?

Nope, just means they've put themselves forward for the award and spent time canvasing the judges or getting votes for it. We'd rather just spend more resources into providing an excellent service then getting an award for providing excellent service.


What should you look for in an accountant?

This depends on you but we'd say they need to be experienced, ideally qualified (as this guarantees a certain level of experience and knowledge), they must be friendly so you can communicate openly with them, they must be proactive and helpful too. The good news is we are all those things! If your current accountant isn't all these things, it may be time to switch accountant. Or you may wish to consider, do you need an accountant?


How do your fees work?

All our fees are quoted per month based on the annual fee for that work. So for example our fees for a personal tax return are £10 per month. So 12 months fees are £120 and this covers the cost of your personal tax return. Unfortunately this does not mean you can sign up with us for one month and have your tax return completed for £10, it means your annual fees are split across 12 months for ease of payments. Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT so £10 a month is £12 including VAT.

The monthly fixed fee is common amongst accountants now but these offer a fixed service for a fixed fee whilst we tailor our services to your exact needs, ensuring you get the services you need without paying for the ones you don't.

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