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All our fees are quoted per month based on the annual fee for that work. So for example our fees for a personal tax return are £10 per month. So 12 months fees are £120 and this covers the cost of your personal tax return. Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

If you would like to speak to one of our accountants about which services you require then please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have, we're more than happy to help. We can be contacted via our contact page.

All it takes to appoint us as your accountants is a simple agreement form, no contracts, no entry or exit fees, just excellent friendly professionals happy to help you. 

Recurring Fees


Annual Accounts & Corporation Tax
[Ltd Company From £50, Sole Trader From £20, Dormant Company £10]

Every Limited Company has to prepare accounts and submit them to companies house within a certain time period after the year end. Sole traders don't have to submit the accounts to anyone but they will form part of the calculation for the personal tax return. Limited companies must also submit the accounts and calculate and submit corporation tax returns to HMRC.

With Younique Accountancy you can sit back and relax, your accounts are in great hands. We aren't like other online accountants, we don't just press "generate accounts" and email them to you, one of our experienced, qualified accountants will prepare your accounts and pro actively look at your situation to ensure you minimising your tax bill and taking home as much of your money as possible. We will prepare and send you the company accounts and corporation tax returns, along with explanations of what it all means, and then once you are happy, we'll submit them online to HMRC and companies house for you. The accounts are usually prepared within just four weeks of receiving all the required information so that you are not waiting around for your paperwork or final tax bill. We'll also tell you exactly what needs to be paid to HMRC and how and keep you informed each step of the process so you know exactly what's going on with your business.


Personal Tax (per person)

All directors of Ltd companies need to prepare a tax return as well as those who have untaxed income. This must declare ALL of your income so your personal taxes can be calculated. Errors and omissions can face high penalties.

Our qualified accountants will complete your personal tax return for you, send to you for your approval and explain in a friendly, easy to understand way what it all means. We'll then take care of submitting it to HMRC for you and let you know if you owe any tax and if so how you pay it. The whole process couldn't be simpler for you. Our tax experts can also help with all your tax planning needs, helping you minimise your tax and maximise your take home pay. 

If you just want us to complete your tax return please complete our SA tax return form and we'll be in touch.


Payroll (per person)

Your company payroll must be registered with HMRC and every time a payment is made to any employee you must submit a report to HMRC in real time. All PAYE and NI must be calculated and paid on time to avoid fines too. There are also several returns that need to submitted to HMRC each year, such as P35s and P60s.

At Younique we understand you don't want to have to jump through hoops just to get your own money, that's why we take care of everything to do with your payroll, you just need to pay yourself and decide what to spend it on. We also use our years of experience to look at your individual circumstances and advise you of what salary you should be taking, so you don't end up paying it to the tax man. We handle all RTI submissions to ensure you are fully compliant with the legislation and we'll prepare every return required for your payroll with HMRC.


Registered Office

Every company must have a registered office and this is available on the public record and where companies house will contact you.

You can use our address as the company's registered office and as the director's service address so that your personal address is not shown on the public record. We'll receive your company post, let you know it's arrived and then deal with it for you too, what could be easier?


Quarterly VAT Calculations & Submitting Returns

If you are VAT registered then you need to submit a VAT return and pay any VAT due to HMRC each quarter. Being VAT registered can be very beneficial, especially if you are a contractor, it could result in several £1000s of extra income, even after tax. Your accountant will advise you on VAT registration for you too.

We will calculate the VAT to pay or that is due to you and we will submit the VAT return for you online to HMRC. We will then let you know what is due to HMRC, how to pay and what reference to use, all whilst continuously monitoring the best scheme for you to be on to maximise your income. The only thing we don't do is pay the liability for you!


Company Secretarial

Each company must keep certain statutory documents such as minutes of directors meetings and dividend declaration forms as well as maintaining the share register and every year the company must submit an annual return.

We will complete all of your dividend paperwork as well as your annual return to companies house and all their submission fees for this too. We will record all share transfers and maintaining the share register and other statutory information, giving you one less thing to worry about, knowing it's all in hand by experts.


[From £25]

Everyone needs to keep their business records, every company, business and sole trader needs to record every receipt every invoice and transaction.

If you feel you are dedicating all your time to running the business then why not outsource the record keeping to us? At Younique Accountancy we do bookkeeping for businesses of any size, we complete it effectively and efficiently so your records are always well maintained and your time is freed up to spend on other things. All you have to do is send in your bank statements and invoices and receipts and we will complete your records for you.


Online System

Iris open books powered by Freeagent is a comprehensive online record keeping system. It can be fully used on the go via your smartphone too so you can update things on the move. It keeps track of your invoicing, expenses and time and can also sync transactions with your bank statements. It's dashboard brings together all your information in one place for real-time access to your latest numbers. It uses 256-bit SSL technology to encrypt all transactions between you and their servers, that's the same level of security as banks so you can be assured your information is safe. Of course if you don’t want to use this service then we have created our own free bespoke spreadsheet that can be downloaded.


Dormant Client Fee

We can take care of the year end accounts and other statutory requirements in relation to the accounts including liaising with HMRC and advising them of the company's dormant status.

All companies must still submit annual accounts to companies house and corporation tax returns to HMRC, even where the company isn't trading. If these aren't completed then there could be late filing penalties, potential prosecution or the company could be struck off and funds in your account lost.


Quarterly Management Accounts
[From £20]

The accounting system you use will provide up to date information but if you want something a little more in depth then we can prepare management accounts for you. All our management work is tailored exactly to your requirements and as an added incentive the first quarter will be produced free. So why not contact us to discuss what you need and how we can help?

Management accounts provide you with all the key figures and data you need to fully understand what's happening with your company and effectively manage it and plan for the future.

One Off Fees


Limited Company Formation

A limited company can be an extremely tax efficient way of running you business. We'd recommend speaking to us before starting a company to check it is the right option for you but if it is we'll take the required details from you and submit to companies house the same day for you. Confirmation of your company set up and the incorporation documents are usually sent the following working day. All you have to do is decide your company name and who the Director and shareholders will be but we'll provide you with full advice and information on this too. We'll sort out the whole process with companies house for you making forming a company as easy as possible. If you are forming a new company then a company bank account is essential and HMRC registrations are highly recommended, details below.

If you would like to form a company then why not complete our company formation form and we'll be in touch.


Company Bank Account

If you have a limited company then having a company bank account is a legal requirement. We work with Barclays and Cater Allen to provide you with an account that suits your needs. We will start your priority application for you to get your account up and running as  quick as possible for you with the minimum amount of paperwork. 


HMRC Registrations

One of our accountants will look at your company's individual needs and register it for the best VAT scheme for you and also set up your PAYE scheme with HMRC. We'll also register you for self assessment when required. (If you are a limited company Director then this is essential.) We'll sort it all out with HMRC for you so you don't need to deal with them or any of their forms either, making it all as simple as possible for you.


Contract Reviews
[From Free]

IR35 is a complex piece of legislation that can have massive tax consequences for contractors if it's not applied correctly. Here at younique accountancy we have been advising on IR35 for years so you can trust our expertise on it. Just send us a copy of your contract and one of our experts will read through it all and give you their opinion if it is inside or outside IR35. We'll suggest improvements that can be made to it to strengthen it and fully advise you of the most tax efficient way to proceed if you are inside or outside IR35. We have various levels of review ranging from a brief opinion on your IR35 status to a full written contract review for use by third parties for assurance of your IR35 status. We offer free reviews to clients of younique accountancy that have our monthly accounts services.

For more information on IR35, why not check out our handy guide to IR35.


Mortgage / Rent Reference

If your thinking of moving home and need an accountants reference then we can happily provide this for you. If it is a basic reference needed then this can be done for free. If it is more detailed we will discuss the fee with you and only the most exhaustive reference request would be charged at £75 + VAT. These will be treated as a priority and usually produced the same day, so you can be moving home that bit quicker!


Visa References

These can be required to work in the UK or to go to other countries. We have experience in a range of visa requirements and we know how important they are which is why they will be treated as a priority for you and completed by a fully qualified experienced accountant. Visa references can be complex and time consuming to complete which is why you should always seek professional advice on these. Our typical fee for a UK visa reference is £120 but can be lower depending on the work required. Please use our contact us page here if you would like further information.