Every business in the world needs to record it's transactions in some way. At younique accountancy though, we don't like to go for the "one size fits all" approach.

We know everybody prefers different things, that's why we have several different bookkeeping options available, certain to cover all your needs.

The Younique spreadsheet

This is a free excel based spreadsheet, it's easy to use and quick to complete and will tell you all the key figures for your business. This can be completed without any accountancy knowledge or experience, it has been designed to be used by small businesses, not accountants! It can be customised so it fits with the number and type of business transactions your business has, making it as easy as possible to complete. The younique spreadsheet has numerous helpful functions for you to make your business life easier, including;

  • A dashboard showing what money is available for you and what should be set aside for the tax man
  • Invoice generators
  • Dividend declaration form generators
  • Estimates of your quarterly VAT
  • Corporation tax estimate
  • What funds are currently in your bank account(s)

For further information on the younique spreadsheet or to download it for FREE, please visit our download page.

The Younique bookkeeping services

This option couldn't be easier. No paperwork, no software, no fuss. If you would rather not have to do any bookkeeping at all then why not let us do it all for you?
All you have to do is send your dedicated younique accountant copies of your paperwork and they will update all your records for you. Not only will they complete it quickly and accurately for you, once it's done they will tell you what money you have available to draw and what should be set aside for tax so you're always clear on your finances. We'll even remind you when it's time to send us your information.

This option is ideal if you want to free up the most time possible or if you would simply prefer having a professional accountant completing your records for you.
We're so proud of our bookkeeping services we offer them to all businesses, not just our own clients. So even if you are currently with a different accountant but want us to do your bookkeeping for you, we can help.

How you send us the information is up to you, we can use online systems such as dropbox or SkyDrive, you can email the information to us or simply put it in the post, what could be easier.

If you would like to use our bookkeeping services they can be signed up for via our services and pricing page.

Open books, powered by Freeagent

This is a comprehensive online record keeping system. It can be fully used on the go via your smartphone too so you can update things on the move.
It keeps track of your invoicing, expenses and time and can also sync transactions with your bank statements. It's dashboard brings together all your information in one place for real-time access to your latest numbers.

It uses 256-bit SSL technology to encrypt all transactions between you and their servers, that's the same level of security as banks so you can be assured your information is safe.

As a client of younique accountancy you'll get a discount on the standard price of this software, we can currently offer this for just £20 a month. We'd recommend this approach where you may want a bit more of a "hands on" approach to your record keeping and you're comfortable using online software.

Further information can be found at the openbooks website at: (opens in new window)

Not sure on the differences or which one to go for?

Just get in touch and we'll be happy to help with which is best for you.
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