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Do I need an accounting spreadsheet?

Every business of any size needs to records it's transactions somehow. This is called bookkeeping. It is from these bookkeeping records that information such as your yearend accounts or VAT returns are prepared so it's important that they are completed correctly.

Our accounting spreadsheet is a complete bookkeeping tool. It can be used to record all of your invoices, receivables, expenses and payments to you. It can also generate invoices and dividend declarations and be used to directly contact your accountant. If you are a small to medium company or sole trader then this is a simple elegant solution to your record keeping.

You can record your transactions in a number of ways but our accounting spreadsheet has been designed with the small business owner in mind. It is quick to complete so you aren't spending too much time on your books but yet has all the information you need at your finger tips.

What features does this accounting spreadsheet have?

The younique spreadsheet has numerous helpful functions for you to make your business life easier, including;

  • A dashboard showing what money is available for you and what should be set aside for the tax man 
  • What money is owed to you by your clients 
  • Invoice generators 
  • Dividend declaration form generators 
  • Estimates of your quarterly VAT 
  • Corporation tax estimate 
  • What funds are currently in your bank account(s) 
  • What funds can be paid out as dividends 
  • Buttons to directly email your accountant

As it is an excel based spreadsheet it doesn't require any sophisticated software or hardware. Any device that can fully run Microsoft excel can use this spreadsheet and it doesn't require an internet connection to update or check your figures, unlike online accounting software.

Why would I use a spreadsheet when I can use an online portal?

We realise that there are many alternatives to our accounting spreadsheet, including the ever increasing number of online accounting portals. There are probably many such portals with features well in advance of our accounting spreadsheet. There are also many things that a lot of online portals can't do.

Say for example you have your laptop and you just wanted to check what money is currently owed to you by your clients or catch up on some invoice paperwork but you're on a train and you don't want to pay for the Wi-Fi on it. Or you are somewhere that just doesn't have an internet connection, you simply can't access your online portal, at all. No such issues with our accounting spreadsheet, it's wherever your laptop is.

The spreadsheet was built from start to finish to be used by small companies without any accounting knowledge or experience which can make it a lot more straight forward to complete and use than a more sophisticated online system.

What alternatives are there to using it?

There are several way to record your bookkeeping. All our recommended ways can be found on our software page.

I have a question on using the spreadsheet or if it is the right option for me.

Please just let us know, we're happy to help. Our number is 0808 2626 888 or email us at: hello@youniqueaccountancy.co.uk or use our contact us page.

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